about my work

I invite you to get your own impression of me and my attitude to work as well as to gain insight into my favourite methods.
As non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy I offer bodyoriented short-term therapy as well as trauma therapy for people in different challenging life situations.

My work intends to find energy-related solutions and to cope with physical, mental, emotional and psychological burden and so it serves for the release of life energy bound therein.

My methodical priorities are Kinesiology, systemic constellation, trauma-centered exercises and psychoeducation as well as EMDR, tapping technique PEP and other neuro integrative techniques.

This combination of methods makes it possible to find out the real causes and backgrounds of your debilitating life situations very effectively and in a short time. Trauma specific exercises support the development of safeness and stabilization and so the processing and making peace with the burdening experiences are facilitated.

My attitude in good human interaction is characterized by perfect appreciation and potential oriented work. I accompany you with openness, attendance and professional know-how. In this process I see myself as a reliable companion, as an assistant of your liberation process and I assume that every person possesses his own self-healing forces and bear in himself his proper solution for healing.

Certainly sometimes it requires the help of people with experience and professional distance to your own experiences to reveal your personal strengths.

A special opportunity lies in psychosomatic Kinesiology by Dr. Werner Weishaupt. It enables a gentle and diverse access as well as an individual access. This is helpful especially for people whom the pure understanding of their problems is not sufficient for the solution as well as for people who are hard to reach by cognitive approach, such as children, traumatized persons, people with mental disability or development disorder.

I will gladly accompany you and I look forward to meeting you!