Do you yearn for more zest for life, confidence and a life straight from your heart?

Well then, welcome!

Too often we wait until our soul sends signals in the form of diseases or problems although we felt long before that we are inanimate and therefore unhappy and unsatisfied in our life. And sometimes there are also unexpected blows of fate which cause an identity crisis, deep mourning and despair so that we lose all our interest in life.

Whether if there are small or large themes of life, they all belong to our being and maturation and we all know them. Sometimes it can be helpful to be accompanied by a reliable and professional person for a certain time.

In these times of crisis I want to be on your side and support you to recover your clarity and stability, to reveal your self-regulation forces and to find, together with you, your own and personal solution to your healing

AngelikaFichtlerProfilEither in individual work or on my information evenings concerning “self-help-quickies” or in group projects it is close to my heart to give you concrete “hand-tools” for your everyday life so that you can master it with more ability to act and more happiness.

Stop by, have a look on my “current events” – “Aktuelle Termine”- and you will find.

I look forward to you!


Angelika Fichtler